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Redco Foods Inc. is owned by Teekanne GmbH of Dusseldorf, Germany. 'Teekanne", which means "Tea Pot", is the premiere brand of specialty herbal and fruit teas in Europe. Inventors of the flow-through tea bag, the majority of tea bags sold in the United States over the last thirty years have been manufactured using Teekanne equipment.

Redco Foods Inc. Company Information:
100 Northfield Drive Windsor
Connecticut 06095 USA
Ph (860)803-6922
Fax (860) 688-7844

Redco Foods Inc. History:
" Redco Foods, Inc. is subsidiary of Teekanne GmbH, the largest herbal and flavored tea company in Europe. Formed in 1985, Redco manufactures and distributes Salada tea, Red Rose tea, and Junket brand dessert mixes from the operations facility in Little Falls N.Y. All manufacturing occurs in Little Falls, NY with Marketing and some Sales offices based in Windsor, CT. "